Most-read stories of 2013

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A look back at the campaign letters and media releases that proved the most popular in 2013


Quick guide to air pollution and the ‘Year of Air’

Outcome: Commissioner Potočnik’s Clean Air Policy Package published on 18 December 2013


Tube dust is not ‘safe’

Introduction to the Pollution Check


Clean Air in London Awards 2013

Smog expected to hang over the Supreme Court on Thursday


Investigation into the Government’s failure to control carcinogenic diesel exhaust

Air quality in hospitals may be no better than warehouses

Free market anarchists lobbying EU Environment Ministers to weaken public health protections

Tube dust: broken promises, ‘blind eye turned’ and duty breached


Launch of Clean Air in Cities app and Birkett Index

Landmark legal victory for ClientEarth


Carcinogenic diesel exhaust disclosed for every significant road in London

Highest NO2 of any capital city in Europe again


Our guides to air pollution: health, legal, solutions etc.  Includes ‘10 steps for Clean Air in London’


Government ‘cover-ups’ or legal breaches during consultation to scrap monitoring

Thousands may be driving diesel vehicles illegally after Government failures

EU (much) more competent than UK Government on air quality


Defra did cover-up smog warnings and would scrap local monitoring

Government admits widespread breaches of air pollution laws


Government treats limit values with contempt by M4 bus lane

Mayor takes five backward steps from his own London Plan

It’s official: Outdoor air pollution causes lung cancer

Response to Call for Evidence: Review of the Clean Air Act


Latest national and local death rates for air pollution

Government lobbying for changes that would weaken emissions tests across Europe

Mayor takes more backward steps from his Air Quality Strategy and London Plan


Timely reminder: We need effective, independent and periodic tailpipe testing

Stop hiding air pollution and ban diesel exhaust in two stages to 2020 as coal was banned 60 years ago

Commissioner Potočnik’s Clean Air Policy Package published on 18 December 2013