Clean Air in London Awards 2013

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Bianca Jagger, Founder and Chair of The Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, receives award and special mention

Inaugural Clean Air in London Awards recognise 24 contributions to improving air quality

Keith Taylor MEP (Green) joins four MEPs and others as an Honorary Founder Supporter

Clean Air in London announces its inaugural Clean Air in London Awards which recognise individuals who have made a valuable personal contribution to improving air quality in London.

Bianca Jagger, Founder and Chair of The Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, receives a special mention.


Simon Birkett, Founder and Director of Clean Air in London, said:

“The Clean Air in London Awards 2013 recognise 24 people who have made a valuable personal contribution to improving air quality in London.

“It is impossible to single out any one person.  However, Bianca Jagger deserves a special mention for helping Clean Air in London to reach a much wider audience over the last year.  For over three decades she has been a voice for the most vulnerable members of society, campaigning for human rights, civil liberties, peace, social justice and environmental protection throughout the world.  Ms Jagger’s advice, encouragement and support for Clean Air in London have made a real difference.

“It is tremendous to recognise also the contribution of many other people from across the political spectrum and from campaigners to scientists and business leaders.  Individually and collectively, these wonderful people have ensured that air pollution is regaining the attention it deserves.

“Clean Air in London is also pleased that Keith Taylor MEP has accepted an invitation to become an Honorary Founder Supporter of Clean Air in London.  Keith is playing a key role in championing UK and European air quality during the Year of Air in 2013.  Mr Taylor joins Jean Lambert MEP (Green), Sarah Ludford MEP (Liberal Democrat), Claude Moraes MEP (Labour) and Charles Tannock MEP (Conservative) and others who have been Honorary Founder Supporters since 2007.

“Last but not least, I want to pay tribute to the many existing supporters, sponsors and clients of Clean Air in London who are still making an amazing contribution to the Clean Air in London campaign.  In many cases, these individuals and organisations have been involved for nearly seven years.” 


Existing Honorary Founder Supporters, Sponsors and Clients:

The Clean Air in London Awards 2013 aim to broaden and deepen the impact of the Clean Air in London campaign by recognising those who have made a valuable personal contribution to improving air quality in London.

Existing supporters, sponsors and clients already make such a contribution and so have not been eligible for an Award.  CAL aims to present the Awards annually.  Clean Air in London will be pleased to present the Awards personally in coming weeks.

Only senior politicians are eligible to become new Honorary Founder Supporters except in exceptional circumstances.

Clean Air in London Awards 2013

The following people have been presented with a Clean Air in London Award 2013 (alpha order):

Bianca Jagger               Founder and Chair, The Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation

Leading politicians

Caroline Allen             Green, Islington

Victoria Borwick AM  The Deputy Mayor of London, Conservative

Barry Gardiner MP      Ed Miliband’s Special Envoy for Climate Change and the Environment, Labour

Robin Meltzer              Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Richmond Park, North Kingston and New Malden

John Tomlinson           Chairman of the Port Health and Environmental Services Committee, City of London Corporation

Greater London Authority

Isabel Dedring             Deputy Mayor, Transport and Deputy Chair, Transport for London

Elliot Treharne             Air Quality Manager


Professor Bernard Fisher         Former Chair, Institute of Air Quality Management

Dr Fintan Hurley                      Scientific Director, Institute of Occupational Medicine

Professor Frank Kelly              Chair, Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants and Head of the Environmental Research Group, King’s College London

Dr Brian Miller                                    Principal Epidemiologist, Institute of Occupational Medicine

Business people and consultants

Edward Dearnley         Consultant

Iarla Kilbane-Dawe      Consultant

Steve Moorcroft           Director, Air Quality Consultants and Chair, Air Quality Committee, Environmental Protection UK

Simon Pratt                  Managing Director, Portico.  Formerly, Chief Executive, The Knightsbridge Apartments

Local campaigners

Jonathan Callaway       Deputy Chairman, The Putney Society

Tim Henderson

Dr Stanislaw Prokop

Caroline Russell           Chair, Islington Living Streets

Non-governmental organisations

Louise Duprez             European Environmental Bureau

David Kidney              Head of Policy, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Tamsin Omond                        Climate Rush

Anne Stauffer              Deputy Director, Health and Environment Alliance

Honorary Founder Supporter

Keith Taylor MEP        Green

Note: Listed in alphabetical order