Year: 2021

Implementation of Ecodesign Regulations from 1 January 2022 is an important step on the path to banning wood burning

Only ecodesign-compliant wood burning stoves will be able to enter the UK market from 1 January 2022 Clean Air in London (CAL) has discovered weak historic emission standards, confusion and duplication between the new Ecodesign Regulations and the Clean Air Act 1993, serious unresolved problems with the new emission testing regime and a failure by ... Read more

Ban wood burning in urban areas

Clean Air in London (CAL) calls for wood burning ban in urban areas CAL has identified 12 facts or principles about wood burning, climate change and air quality after seven months of constructive correspondence with the Climate Change Committee (CCC) The CCC has confirmed its advice “that Government should not support wood-burning stoves as part ... Read more

Ella’s Law

Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill Almost exactly 70 years after the Great Smog killed some 4,000 people in London (5-9 December 1952), Baroness Jones’ Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill (“CAHR Bill”) topped the ballot of Private Members Bills in the House of Lords. The CAHR Bill would establish the human right to breathe clean air ... Read more

UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)

Clean Air in London’s prediction: COP26 will be ‘good’ but not ‘good enough’. Clean Air in London has updated fully its 135-page two-part report to identify the climate change issues and negotiating priorities for each of the top 20 emitters of greenhouse gases globally and selected others ahead of COP26. Clean Air in London’s test: ... Read more

WHO slashes Air Quality Guidelines to save millions of lives

Air pollution is the world’s largest environmental health risk killing an estimated seven million people every year. World Health Organisation has halved air quality guidelines for fine particles (PM2.5) and slashed those for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) by 75%. ‘Good practice statements’ published for black carbon, ultra fine particles (UFP) and sand and dust storms. The ... Read more

Sian Berry’s manifesto (Green Party) scores 10/10 for clean air policies

Clean Air Scorecard 2021 Clean Air in London (CAL) has scored the manifestos of the leading candidates for Mayor of London in a Clean Air Scorecard for the elections in 2012, 2016 and 2021.  This is our final scorecard for 2021: CAL 395 Ranking of Mayoral candidates 2021_Final 300421 Our Clean Air Scorecard 2021 is ... Read more
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