Year: 2019

Draft Environment Bill is just ‘smoke and mirrors’. We need a new Clean Air Act!

The Government has unveiled a new Environment Bill that is extremely disappointing and pale in comparison to its ground-breaking predecessor in 1995. Worse, days after the Prime Minister claimed that the Environment Bill would update the Clean Air Act 1993, our analysis shows that it would do little or nothing to clean air over the ... Read more

ULEZ is another important step on the path to banning diesel

Air pollution is the world’s largest environmental health risk, killing about seven million people every year. The ULEZ is being implemented almost exactly 10 years after ‘Clean Air in London’ (CAL) called for such a ‘Berlin-style’ inner low emission zone in London. Air pollution monitor in the Strand has reported 18/18 exceedances of nitrogen dioxide ... Read more

Sixth Global Environment Outlook GEO6

UN Environment’s sixth Global Environmental Outlook (GEO6) was published at UNEA4.   GEO6 is the most comprehensive report on the global environment since 2012. It: covers air, land, oceans/marine, freshwater and biodiversity; shows that the overall environmental situation is deteriorating globally; and that the window for action is closing.   Quote Simon Birkett, Founder and ... Read more
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