Clean Air in Cities or Birkett Index app

The Clean Air in Cities or Birkett Index App reports the health impact of long-term exposure to dangerous airborne particles (PM2.5) for the population in local areas, regions and England as a whole.  The App estimates the number of deaths attributable to air pollution on a pro rata, calendar year-to-date, basis and the time to the next attributable death as well as displaying the percentage of total deaths attributable to air pollution.  It does not estimate or display the number of actual deaths from air pollution or the risk for an individual. Users can also see estimates for total population-weighted exposure to annual average concentrations of PM2.5 in different local areas and/or regions relative to World Health Organisation guidelines and England as a whole.

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The Birkett Index App is currently available for Android and iPhone/iPad and can be downloaded from the appropriate store.


City Air app

The City Air app – the healthiest way around London.

The City Air app will alert you on days when pollution is forecast to be high and give you tailored advice on simple actions you can take to reduce your emissions and exposure to air pollution.

Use the map to plan your journey and easily pick the lowest pollution route through the City – even in 3D!

– There’s also a web version at

– And a handy guide video here.

                 City Air on the App Store                     City Air on the play store

London Air app

The London Air app displays the latest air pollution levels recorded at over 100 monitoring stations across greater London.

  • Push Notifications

Subscribe to a site to receive notifications when pollution levels change to Moderate or High.

  • Maps

Hourly and annual 20 metre resolution interactive pollution maps give you an unparalleled view of air quality where you are.

  • Stats

See how a site has performed each year in relation to the air quality objectives.

The London Air app is possible thanks to the continued support and participation of the boroughs of London in the London Air Quality Network.

– Learn more on London Air.

– See a walkthrough video on London Air

At a glance

See at a glance which sites in London are currently measuring moderate pollution or higher.

Monitoring sites

Scroll through to find your borough and your nearest monitoring station.


See current levels of pollution, right across the capital.