Most-read stories of 2012

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A look back at the media releases and campaign letters that proved the most popular in 2012.


‘Clean Air in London’ lodges complaint over breaches of air pollution laws in London

Guide to health impacts:  ‘Invisible’ air pollution is the biggest public health failing or ‘cover-up’ for decades

Smog could affect athletes


Guide to legal issues: UK is cheating on air quality laws and misleading the European Commission

Manifesto for the Mayoral and London Assembly elections


‘Clean Air in London’ calls for Caroline Spelman MP to be held accountable and resign for the UK misleading the European Commission over its Plans and Programmes for nitrogen dioxide and other serious public health failings


Using pollution suppressants in front of the official air quality monitors most-used to warn the public of smog episodes and report legal breaches is public health fraud on an industrial scale

Guide to sources: London has the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide of any capital city in Europe


Government caves in and releases ministerial briefing papers hours before London elections

Suspending the M4 bus lane breached air pollution law

‘Clean Air in London’ calls for full mitigation of the ORN/PRN


Commission rejects UK application to delay compliance with nitrogen dioxide laws in 12 zones


‘Perfect storm’ of air pollution concerns hits London

‘Clean Air in London’ congratulates Policy Exchange on its report ‘Something in the air’

Mayor urged to warn all those affected by smog

Government issues ‘Pollution Episode Warning’ on eve of Olympics Opening Ceremony


Government forecasts smog on eve of the Olympics Closing Ceremony


‘Clean Air in London’ calls for Paralympics marathon to be delayed

Guide: Indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor

Four of nine zones have already breached nitrogen dioxide time extension


Highways Agency seeking to weaken public health protections

Directors of Public Health and Health and Wellbeing Boards are urged to act on air pollution

Few local authorities know if their schools use air filters that protect children


Mayor used the Pollution Suppressor to save himself not others

Boroughs should consider urgently declaring new Air Quality Management Areas

Government ‘systematically hiding’ information about dangerous air pollutants


Government systematically hiding smog episodes 60 years after the ‘Great Smog’

Mayor releases 750 pages of details about his lobbying to weaken air pollution laws