Indoor air resources

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1. Quick guide to indoor air quality 

HVN 230321_Final

CAL 372 Letter to Geraint Davies re IAQ 090918_Redacted

2. Private members bills

3. Research by Clean Air in London

4. FETA (Federation of Environmental Trade Associations) – Air filter standards

5.  Other information about indoor air standards


BB101: Ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools (2018)




Department of Health: HTM 03-01

ISO e.g. TC 146

King’s College London study

Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Plan (see Policy KBR34: Healthy air on pages 65-66)

NICE guidance (publication expected 11 December 2019)

Part F Building Regulations (see Regulation 13)

RCPCH – Effects of indoor air quality on children and young people’s health – research project

SVH Guidance on Air Filter Test Classification Standards

Well Building standards for indoor air

6.  Examples of monitoring equipment (no promises!)

7. World Health Organisation Housing and Health guidelines (see pages 90-95)

Paragraph 8.2.2 (page 94-95) states:

“In the absence of updated or indoor-specific guideline values, the air quality guidelines are considered applicable for indoor exposure as well. An update of these guidelines is under way.”

WHO Housing and Health guidelines_28 November 2018_Para 8 2 2 pages 94 to 95

8.  Camfil (sponsor of Clean Air in London)[email protected]?registrantKey=4646566238826920207&type=ATTENDEEEMAILRECORDINGLINK

9. News

Last updated 2 November 2020