How can I contribute to this campaign?

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How can I contribute to this campaign?

If you want to register your concern about air pollution in Central London, you should send an email to Eko Dienne at “[email protected]k” and copy it to:

1.    Rt. Hon. David Miliband who is the Secretary of State for the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs on [email protected]

2.   The Mayor on  [email protected]

3.    You might copy also your local MP and Councillors

4.    Other political leaders might also be copied if you wish to ensure that other political parties are aware of your concerns.

Please make at least three points in your email:

1.    Describe your worst local air pollution problems and emphasise your concern about the serious health effects they cause

2.    Emphasise that you want HM Government to commit to achieving, at a minimum, the World Health Organisation recommended levels for air quality in your area by 1 January 2010 (or earlier especially for particulate matter) – with no “let-out” clauses in areas of high population density

3.    Emphasise that you consider that “an unequal distribution of health risks over the population would raise concerns of environmental justice and equity”.

Good luck – the more emails that get sent to these political leaders, the more they are likely to appreciate the depth of concern about air pollution across Central London.

Thank you.