Introduction to smog

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This webpage provides links to posts and pages about smog in London.  See also Clean Air in London posts tagged ‘smog’.

1.  Articles in the media

2.  Air quality forecasting


Defra: UK-AIR homepage

Defra: Last 24 hours

Defra: Latest measurement summary

Defra: Latest measured levels

Defra: Forecast in words

Defra: Regional forecast in numbers

European Environment Agency

London Air Quality Network – Homepage

London Air Quality Network – Daily ahead forecast

London Air Quality Network – Hourly bulletins

Meteo France: Monitoring atmospheric composition and climate (N.B. press submit)

Twitter list: updates from air pollution monitoring networks

3.  Defra and Public Health England

High pollution episode warning: First “summer-smog” of 2011, 21 April 2011

Air pollution ‘Information bulletin’ in 2012, 3 April 2012

Defra – Sky lanterns cause bonfire night nuisance, 2 November 2012

Air pollution advice to the public, 5 March 2013

Changes to Defra’s UK-AIR website, 11 October 2013

High levels of air pollution prompt precautionary health advice (PHE), 2 April 2014 (updated 3 April)

Air quality continues to improve across the UK (PHE), 4 April 2014

Breathe Better Together (30 January 2015)

4.  Selected updates from Clean Air in London (and Bonfire night)

Clean Air in London – Is it still Government policy to issue smog warnings, 20 April 2009

A warning for the London 2012 Olympics as Defra issues ‘First “summer smog” of 2009 alert’, 1 June 2009

Government issues national ‘High pollution episode warning ‘First “summer smog” of 2011, 21 April 2011

Smog could affect athletes, 16 January 2012

Government systematically hiding smog episodes 60 years after the ‘Great Smog’, 4 December 2012

Government did cover-up smog episodes and would scrap monitoring, 11 September 2013

CAL 260 Defra_Bonfire Night_Ad-hoc report_2002

CAL 260 Defra Bonfire Night_Report_2007

CAL 260_Defra_Recent UK air pollution episodes 140508

5.  Episode reports

London Air Quality Network (use drop-down menu for text explanations)

6.  Health advice

Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants (detailed advice)

LBC Radio 97.3 news on 27 February 2013

LBC Radio 97.3: News on 27 February 2013

Health impact of Summer Smogs in 2003 and 2006 published by Clean Air in London

Mayor’s Question Time: Hospital admissions and smog episodes

London Air Quality Network (summary advice)

Research showing association between cardiovascular deaths and previous day particle number concentrations

7.  Media coverage

BBC Politics Sunday on 18 March 2012: London’s air pollution levels, monitoring and EU limits

Evening Standard on 23 March 2012: Summer springs a surprise with six days of hot weather

Evening Standard on 16 March 2012: London smog scare

Guardian on 15 March 2012: London air pollution at record high

8.  Weather forecasts

2 week forecast

BBC 5 and 10 day forecasts


Met Office 84 hour surface pressure forecast

Met Office five day weather forecast for London

9.  Pollution Check

Smog episodes up to August 2012

CAL 186 Introduction to smog_MQT smog hospitalisations

CAL 186 Introduction to smog_Defra smog warning 210411

CAL 186 Introduction to smog_Defra report on smog 2006

CAL 186 Introduction to smog_Defra report on smog 2003

CAL 066 Heatwave research 2003

CAL 066 Heatwave research 2006

Smog 130314_AQICN at 0800

CAL 264 GLA presentation to Fitzrovia BID_Breathe Better Days is ‘Solutions 4’ on page 8

Updated 1 November 2013