Sponsors and Honorary Founder Supporters


Camfil Farr in the UK is the first Gold Sponsor of Clean Air in London.

Camfil Farr is also supporting a campaign by Clean Air in London to build public understanding of indoor air quality, initially in London, with advice for people on protecting themselves (adaptation) and reducing pollution for themselves and others (mitigation).  Camfil Farr has launched a website called Keep the city out to support this campaign.

Camfil Farr and Clean Air in London agree that clean air is a human right.   The sponsorship is based on mutual respect and is backed by an explicit agreement that Clean Air in London can speak without ‘fear or favour’.  Camfil Farr has made clear to Clean Air in London its commitment to the banning of smoking in buildings.

As part of this sponsorship Clean Air in London provides a minimum number of days of advisory services to Camfil Farr each year.

Clean Air in London has also provided advisory services to the New West End Company.