Introduction to the Pollution Suppressor

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This webpage provides links to posts and pages about the Pollution Suppressor in London.  See also the YouTube video of the Pollution Suppressor operating by the Marylebone Road air quality monitor most-used to warn the public of smog episodes and legal breaches and Clean Air in London posts tagged ‘Pollution Suppressor’.

Articles in the media

Boris Johnson’s Air Quality Strategy on the use of suppressants on page 76

Pollution suppressants per MAQS p76

London Air Quality Network

Number of Bad Air Days at selected sites

Transport for London reports

The emissions and air quality impacts of the 2012 Olympic Route Network and related traffic arrangements on 5 March 2012 (see Conclusions on page 29):

TfL ORN Air Quality Report March 2012

Reducing pollution

Transport for London announcements

Report on air quality indicates no significant impacts expected during London 2012 Games on 5 March 2012

Mayor announces trial to cut harmful pollution at industrial and construction sites across London on 23 December 2011

Transport for London unveils innovative measures to tackle pollution on 16 August 2011

Mayor’s Question Time 

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Selected answers

Darren Johnson AM (Green) on 22 February 2012

Mike Tuffrey AM (Liberal Democrat) on 25 January 2012

Murad Qureshi AM (Labour) on 14 December 2011

Darren Johnson AM (Green) on 16 November 2011

Murad Qureshi AM (Labour) on 9 November 2011

Darren Johnson AM (Green) on 14 September 2011

Mike Tuffrey AM (Liberal Democrat) on 14 September 2011

Darren Johnson AM (Green) on 15 June 2011

Murad Qureshi AM (Labour) on 18 May 2011