Clean Air Manifesto 2016

This is Clean Air in London’s (CAL) manifesto for the Mayoral and London Assembly elections on 5 May 2016.  We’re scoring the Mayoral candidates against these 10 pledges.

The Mayor’s only real power is transport policy.  Mayoral candidates must address the tough issues of air pollution, fares, road traffic collisions and diesel emissions.  Issues like housing do not affect everyone and they are ‘soft issues’ for the candidates i.e. easy to make promises with no political downside and little authority or accountability.

We’re focusing on five areas:

  1.  Leading a Clean Air Revolution
  2.  Air pollution alerts
  3.  Diesel bans including Emissions Based Road Charging (before 2020)
  4.  Active travel
  5.  Building emissions

Recent example:

CAL 325 CAL ranking of Mayoral candidates_Working draft 070416

The pledges

“As Mayor, I will make London the most liveable mega city in the world by delivering on these 10 Mayoral pledges for clean air:

  1. Political leadership: I will publish an Air Quality Strategy within 18 months that will include a convincing plan to achieve full compliance with World Health Organisation guidelines for air quality throughout London by 2020.  We will lead the world in clean air businesses and technologies as we did so successfully 60 years ago when we banned coal burning.
  2. Building public understanding: I will tweet smog warnings from my account before every air pollution episode forecast by the London Air Quality Network I will champion more and better monitoring and maintain and build our scientific expertise for clean air in London.  I will build public understanding of air pollution with advice for people on protecting themselves and reducing pollution for themselves and others.
  3. Airport expansion: I oppose a third runway at Heathrow and other airport expansion in the South East of England
  4. New Clean Air Act: I will put in place a new Clean Air Act for London that will update the current act for modern fuels and technologies. Inter alia it will: ban biomass and waste burning; stop the use of standby diesel generators to supply the grid; ban incinerators; ensure any Combined Heat and Power units use ultra-low NOx treatment; require onshore power supply for shipping facilities; and enforce tighter emission standards for non-road mobile machinery.
  5. Active travel: I will invest heavily in active travel to complement my plans for Emissions-Based Road Charging.  I will also introduce a default 20mph speed limit in all residential streets across London to reduce accidents and NOx emissions (see City of London report below).
  6. Emissions-Based Road Charging: I will ban diesel from the most polluted places as we banned coal burning so successfully 60 years ago.  I will do this through Emissions-Based Road Charging (EBRC) including payments to walkers and cyclists
  7. Buses, taxis and PHVs: I will deliver the ‘Eight point transformation package for taxis and PHVs’ as modified for EBRC e.g. PHVs must pay the congestion charge  I will retrofit all buses to Euro 6 standard by 2018 and insist on zero tailpipe emissions for all new bus contracts from 1 January 2020.
  8. Building emissions: I will put in place a programme to replace all G-rated gas boilers by 2025 with the latest units.  I will insist all developments use low energy air filters to comply fully with British and European standard EN 13779 to achieve good indoor air quality.
  9. Planning: I will update the London Plan and use my powers to ensure that local authorities and I comply fully with air pollution laws in all planning decisions.
  10. Eliminate inequalities: I will identify, measure, monitor and eliminate inequalities relating to air pollution by 2025.

“I will appoint a Clean Air Czar with executive powers to ensure that all these pledges are delivered by 2020.”


Mayoral candidates

CAL 325 London_Green_Party_Manifesto_2016_Final_Web_Single_Pages 040416

CAL 332 ZAC_Environment_Manifesto 110316

CAL 325 ZAC_Transport_Manifesto 310316

CAL 325 Sadiq_Khan_Manifesto 090316

CAL 332 Caroline Pidgeon_Ban-Dirty-Diesels_2016


Policy Exchange analysis (dated 21 April 2016)

CAL 325 PX analysis of Manifesto promises 210416

Greener London

CAL 332 greener_london 2016

RCP London report on 23 February 2016 – weblink and full report

CAL 302 RCP London_Air_pollution_main report_WEB

CAL 167 City of London_20mph_speed-restriction-air-quality-report-2013-for-web

CAL 305 Martin Lutz 30 kph_paper-Heinrichs-Horn-Krey-Tempo 30 an Hauptverkehrsstraßen

CAL 304 Letter of clarification from the Commission 190214_Redacted

CAL 167a Manifesto for Mayoral and London Assembly elections 020212

CAL 302 Manifesto 2015_Liberal_Democrat_General_Election

CAL 292 HAC Policy Call_November 2014

CAL 296 Update on EAC third report 081214_Final

CAL 296 EAC report_Action on Air Quality_Published 081214

WHO | New report identifies four ways to reduce health risks from climate pollutants

CAL 296 and 074 Edward Townes graphs re diesel vs other fuels 2009

CAL 325 Low CVP Partnership_Climate++AQ+Communique+(Final) 010316

CAL 264 GLA breakdown of NO2 by borough to 2020 based on LAEI 2010

CAL 313 HIAinLondon_KingsReport_14072015_final 150715

CAL 303 ULEZ HIA_Extracts showing NO2 PM2.5 and PM10 concentration reductions

CAL 325 GEO6 RA summaries_Final May 2016_INF 17

ICE_Engineering Cleaner Air 021017_Final

CAL 360_NECD Gothenburg Protocol ammonia NH3 1703161205_GB_IIR_2017_Final_v1.0

CAL 395 Ranking of Mayoral candidates 2021_Working draft 180321