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EAC report on air pollution slams Government and has no plaudits for Mayor

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Best report yet from the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) on air pollution slams the Government for five years of inaction and adds no credibility to the Mayor’s claims of success in London EAC puts forward a comprehensive and practical package … Continue reading

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Complaint to Advertising Standards Authority about Mayor’s ULEZ advertisement

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Londoners may be wildly misled by the Mayor’s claims of reductions in vehicle pollution Letter addressed to the Advertising Standards Authority dated 24 November 2014 Dear Sir or Madam I am writing on behalf of Clean Air in London (CAL) … Continue reading

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Mayor publishes health study revealing deaths attributable to NO2

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‘Clean Air in London’ (CAL) estimates 5,061 deaths attributable to dangerous airborne particles (PM2.5) in London in 2020 and 5,159 in 2025.  These compare with the Mayor’s estimate of 4,267 for PM2.5 in 2008.  CAL estimates 2,684 deaths attributable to … Continue reading

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Environmental Audit Committee may have been misled by Mayor

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Environmental Audit Committee may have been misled by the Mayor of London’s evidence about nitrogen dioxide (NO2)levels in London relative to other cities Mayor has unfairly criticised King’s College London scientists for their reported comments Separately, a new survey for … Continue reading

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Mayor is destroying the taxi industry in London

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Taxi and Private Hire Services in London.  Letter to Caroline Pidgeon AM, MBE. I am sending this submission on Taxi and Private Hire Services in London on behalf of Clean Air in London (CAL) to the London Assembly Transport Committee’s inquiry into … Continue reading

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Tunnel Cleaning Train delayed until 2017 or later

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Delays blamed on need to ensure ‘asbestos containing material’ across 98% of network is ‘removed or encapsulated’ and other reasons ‘Tube dust’ concentrations range between 700 micrograms per cubic metre (ug/m3) and 960 ug/m3 at worst stations.  Levels may be … Continue reading

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Air pollution revealed at Mayor’s 187 Air Quality Focus Areas for first time

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Information obtained using powerful European access to environmental information laws despite obstruction by Defra.  Mayor continues to hide more precise information by making it inaccessible to anyone without access to complex and expensive computer software Every London borough is listed … Continue reading

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Boris takes backward steps on his own ULEZ

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Mayor announces plans for £10 daily charge for pre-Euro 6 diesel vehicles entering the central congestion charging area from 2020 after previously planning a ban Simon Birkett, Founder and Director of Clean Air in London, said: “Boris is backtracking on … Continue reading

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First ever rankings of Top 10 death rates for every London borough

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London Health Commission urged to consider separately exposures, health impacts and outcomes.  Prevention is better than cure and protection is not just about treating the unwell Clean Air in London commissioned the Office for National Statistics to rank the top … Continue reading

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Stop hiding air pollution and ban diesel exhaust in two stages to 2020 as coal was banned 60 years ago

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Ultra low emission zone: Diesel exhaust is the problem; and banning it is the solution Transport for London is expected to propose the Euro 6 standard for diesel and the Euro 4 standard for petrol for the Central Congestion Charging … Continue reading

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Latest national and local death rates for air pollution

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Hillingdon tops ‘National list of shame’ for increase in deaths attributable to air pollution (PM2.5).  Gateshead tops ‘National list of fame’ with the death rate falling by 0.72% to 4.18% Death rate worsened in 15 of 33 boroughs in London … Continue reading

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Response to ‘Call for Evidence – Review of the Clean Air Act’

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Call for Evidence excludes the Government’s views or proposed policy options and has not considered the feasibility of implementing selected stakeholders’ views for ‘improving’ the Act Clean Air Act must be updated for modern fuels and technologies and enforced, together with other air pollution … Continue reading

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It’s official: Outdoor air pollution causes lung cancer

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World Health Organisation classifies outdoor air pollution and particulate matter as carcinogenic to humans The specialised cancer agency of the World Health Organisation, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), announced today that it has classified outdoor air pollution as carcinogenic … Continue reading

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Defra did cover-up smog warnings and would scrap local monitoring

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Government covered-up three legally-required smog warnings in the fortnight after launching a consultation proposing the scrapping of local monitoring by others In two incidents, the Government: says another monitoring network is ‘separate’; and blames [sudden and] ‘worst case’ instrument malfunction/vandalism/power … Continue reading

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Government ‘cover-ups’ or legal breaches during consultation to scrap monitoring

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Government’s four proposals to scrap or reduce Local Air Quality Management are unacceptable  Government ‘covered-up’ and/or breached its legal duty to issue two separate ‘Information alerts’ to warn the public of smog just days after proposing to scrap local air … Continue reading